My Eportfolio

Because this eportfolio is an ongoing journey, I will be adding pages, blog posts, images, videos, and tools over time. I want this site to be simple and efficient, as I want it to be useful to myself and those with whom I share it. For now, I am primarily using it to house evidence from my current masters program. However, when the new school year starts up, I will begin to use it to document and explore new technologies and digital tools that I implement in my classroom. Teaching high school English has many challenges, but one of the positive aspects is that my students are fabulous teachers. They teach me about themselves, new fads, new technologies, and how the world is working these days. I recently had a baby in December of 2015, so now I teach with an entirely new perspective. I see each student in front of me as someone’s “baby” and it is all the more inspiring for me to want to give them my all when I am in the classroom, as I will want baby RJ’s teachers to give to him as he grows. So, welcome to my eportfolio, where you will watch me grow in this digital journey. Below is a picture I took on my honeymoon in Praiano, Italy. The stairs were endless in that town, just as I view my world of learning, leading, and teaching. 10410499_10106783628805384_4985682000409370734_n


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