My Eportfolio

Because this eportfolio is an ongoing, lifelong journey, I will be adding pages, blog posts, images, videos, and tools over time. I wanted this site to be simple and efficient, as I want it to be useful to myself and those who I share it with. Allow me to explain the organization so that you may better understand it and find what you are looking for! The top of the page includes menu options to bring you to certain locations on the page. The first two are simple: “About Me” where you can learn about who I am when I am not being a teacher, and a “Contact Me” page where you can find information about how to get in touch with me. From there, you will see a menu option for my “Digital Toolbox” where I plan to house artifacts and examples of digital tools that I can, have, and will use in my classroom. These digital tools will be tools that anyone could use and adapt to suit their own needs. I will include my evidence of learning artifacts from my current masters program in digital leading and learning because many of those will be tools that I and others can use in our tech-savvy classrooms! Finally, there is a “Musings” section where I will blog about all things technology. Once inside this portion of the site, one can click on the category options on the right-hand side of the screen so that posts of interest can be moved forward. There will be more menu options and categories in the future, but for now, this is the foundation of my eportfolio! Enjoy!



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