Why Use an Eporfolio?

I’ve been thinking about the uses for this portfolio over the course of the past four weeks. We have been told, in our Digital Leading and Learning program that our ultimate goal is to create an eportfolio that we intend to use and build upon for years to come. To be honest, I struggled with this thought process. At first, I thought, “ugh, ANOTHER thing I have to do that takes up my time.” In my school district, we are already required to maintain two specific websites, one that our parents have access to and one that is just for our students. Maintaining those is already difficult and time consuming, and I thought to myself, “why do I need a THIRD website where I am going to upload all of my stuff?” However, the more research and reading I did about the eportfolio I did, the more I realized that it is way more useful than just a housing of “stuff.” The important thing to note, though, is that I have to make it work for ME, and I have to make it worth my very limited time. I decided that my eportfolio, for now, will be used for two specific purposes: 1) I am going to upload examples and artifacts of my digital journey as I come by them. They might be part of my digital leading and learning courses, or they might be something that I create or use for my classes. In any case, this will become an extremely useful tool for myself when I want to visit my digital tools at any point for a lesson or assessment. I will call this my digital tool box! 2) I am going to have a blog section (where you are reading this right now!) where I am going to reflect on those tools, read and research others’ digital journeys, keep track of my professional learning networks, and muse and reflect on my own personal digital journey. So, why should YOU use an eportfolio? I’m not sure. I don’t know your current situation or what you already have access to. Take some time to read the research on them (some useful links below!) and decide for yourself!

Cornell and Eportfolios


Learner Journey


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