Disruptive Innovation at Owen J. Roberts High School

Disruptive innovation happens when someone creates something that is simple and convenient, more so than its sustained counterpart. Managers, CEOs, innovators, etc. look for almost an invisible market of people who have various needs that they may not even be able to articulate (Harvard Business Review, 2008). When these people and needs have been identified, the innovation that makes their lives more efficient and in a less expensive way is created. It is different than sustaining innovation because it doesn’t have to be a major technological breakthrough. Rather, it is the business model that creates the major change that ends up disrupting the marking and creating this catalyst for change (Harvard Business Review, 2008).

Two colleagues of mine (Ryan King and Kelly Trupe) and I developed a disruptive innovation idea that involves transforming the current model of portfolio usage at the high school. The current model is an English writing portfolio that houses students’ writing pieces. This writing portfolio goes with them from their freshman year of high school all the way through their senior year. Currently, students do not use these writing portfolios for any other purpose than to store writing pieces. We gathered student feedback and also introduced them to our proposal  to get rid of the English writing portfolio and replace it entirely with a learning ePortfolio. The students’ feedback on the current writing portfolio system, and on the idea of learning ePortfolios, is clear as seen in the following video.

We did a lot of research to discover the uses and effectiveness of the ePortfolio system, and we compiled it into a cohesive literature review. After the research was complete, we had to then figure out the best way to determine how to actually implement all of this information and this plan into our system at Owen J. Roberts. Every district is different, and it is important to note that the outline  and timeline we created was made very specifically with our audience in mind, the leaders of Owen J. Roberts High School and District.

We still have so much more to learn about how the ePortfolio works elsewhere so that we can successfully implement them at our school, and below contains a list of reading materials that Ryan, Kelly, and I have decided to read before implementation. We are so looking forward to continuing on this digital journey.


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