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The Necessity of Creating a Significant Learning Environment

In the 5313 course, I have come to know a lot about myself and who I am as a teacher. I know now, for sure, that I am ready to make some significant changes to my learning and teaching philosophies. Having read and started to learn about the importance of a significant learning environment, I am now ready to begin to restructure my classroom so that my students have all the tools necessary for success. To me, a significant learning environment involves creating a place where students can perform to their fullest potential, take accountability for their own learning, and learn to WANT to learn. our innovation plan (the ePortfolio course) students are asked to constantly reflect on their learning, and to plan out the logistics of this, we created a version of Fink’s Three Column Table and Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s UbD table to help plan our significant learning environments using the backwards design model of creating goals first and then mapping out the course. Finally, we discussed the importance of Carol Dweck’s philosophy of having a growth mindset plan so that our students understand that if they have not yet mastered something, they have just not mastered it yet rather than having failed at the task.

These plans that we have set in place to help enhance our learning environments are the first steps to creating a truly significant environment for our students to learn. We want our students to become independent and confident in their learning, and using backwards design and adopting the growth mindset philosophy are integral aspects of success in our innovation plan ePortfolio course.


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