Professional Learning

Session 2 (OCTOBER)


Welcome to ePortfolio set-up day! Today we will be introducing you to WordPress as you create and begin to set up and design your own ePortfolio website. We will lead all of you through step by step instructions to create your ePortfolio and show you different features of WordPress that allow you to customize it and make it uniquely yours.

Today’s Inspiration:


Teachers will learn how to create, design, organize, and customize their own ePortfolio

Learning Activities:

  • Ryan, Kelly, and Erin will show their ePortfolios as an example for their colleagues.
  • With help from Ryan, Kelly, and Erin, the teachers will follow prescribed step by step instructions, teachers will create WordPress accounts, set up different pages (home, about, contact), create categories, organize menus, and begin to personalize their ePortfolio

End of Session Deliverable:

Today we ask that, beyond creating your ePortfolio, you explore WordPress and begin to add pictures, videos, pages, and blog posts so that your ePortfolio fits your personality and you also learn of the different features that WordPress has to offer.

Take with you and bring back next session:

Over the next month, you should really fine tune your ePortfolio so that it becomes something that you could share with colleagues or with students.

Resources Needed:


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