Professional Learning

Session 6 (FEBRUARY)


Welcome! Last session, you learned how to have students create WordPress ePortfolios (or add to the ones already created in their English classrooms). Over the past month, your role was to have the students create their first blog post. Today, you are going to finalize one relevant activity or lesson that the students will participate in for your specific classroom content. This is different than your session three brainstorm, which was more teacher-centered. This month, we want you to explore how to give your students some freedom and to allow them to start reflecting on their learning and using the ePortfolios for their own learning. This is different because instead of you posting content on your ePOrtfolio for them to find, they will start creating their own content. Your role today is to start realizing what kinds of content they can create relevant to your particular class. Keep in mind, much of this will just be exemplar; they will eventually be the ones creating and starting content from scratch

Today’s Inspiration:

This month’s video, Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud, reminds us about the power of curiosity and play. After watching this, we will discuss how our students have already taken initiative with their ePortfolios and what they have discovered so far.


Teachers will discuss and create at least one student-centered and classroom-relevant exemplar work, because the students will need space for individuality and creativity.

Learning Activities:

      • Work for 15 minutes with your department partner to discuss last month’s troubleshooting areas. Discuss with Ryan, Kelly, and Erin, and address any areas of concern.
      • Work for the rest of the session with your department partner AND one other person to start coming up with content ideas for your students.
        1. Example: English: Students can create a digital poster on character analysis instead of a construction paper poster.
        2. Example: Social Studies: Students can create current event blog posts and comment on each others’ reactions to the news stories.

Today’s Session Deliverable: 

Create a Google Doc (or add to the Google Doc from session 3) that has at least one content-related idea for students. Try to come up with more than one.

Take away with you and bring back: 

Continue work on the Google Doc as you come up with ideas. Discuss with students, and have students share ideas as well. Implement AT LEAST one of the student-centered content ideas, and document pros, cons, concerns, etc. on the Google Doc you created with your department partner.

Resources Needed:

      1. Laptops
      2. The Internet/WordPress

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