Professional Learning

Session 1 (SEPTEMBER)



Welcome to session 1! Today we are going to begin thinking about the positive impact learning ePortfolios could potentially have within our classrooms and lives. We will begin by looking at the current portfolios that students are asked to maintain and their effectiveness. Then we will look into the research behind learning ePortfolios. Once we realize the differences between the current system and the potential one, we will begin to brainstorm how these new learning ePortfolios can be used in each content area.

Objective: Teachers will learn about the “why” behind learning ePortfolios.

Today’s Inspiration:


Learning Activities

  • Watch today’s inspiration video and host a 5-10 minute discussion which answers the question of the day, “Why are we here?”
  • Watch ePortfolio promotional video and discuss potential relevance to each content area.
  • Review the ePortfolio literature review and discuss characteristics of learning ePortfolios.

Session Deliverable:

By the end of today’s session, teachers will access and add to session one of their department’s Google doc. This is meant to hold deliverables, ideas, needs, areas of concerns, and any other related information throughout this year’s professional learning. Each content area will add at least one connection between the learning ePortfolio and their curriculum.

Take away and bring back next month:

Over the next month, begin to think about how your students could benefit from their own ePortfolios and how you and your students could also benefit from creating your own. What could they include that will help them make connections and add resources beyond high school? What could you add that will help you communicate with colleagues, parents, and students? How might these create more individualized student learning? Once you have grappled with these ideas, add them to the shared Google doc for next month’s discussion.

Resources Needed Today:

      1. Laptops
      2. Projector
      3. Internet access
      4. Ken Robinson video
      5. Promotional Video 
      6. Literature Review





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