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Updated Innovation Plan Outline and Timeline of ePortfolio Implementation


Detailed Outline for Learning ePortfolio Implementation

2016-2017 Pilot Year with CP English 12

  • August Professional Development- Introduce to department and get other teachers’ input.
  • Early September- Have IT department discuss online behaviors, digital footprint, etiquette, etc. with all CP12 classes.
  • September- Introduce the ePortfolio platform to all CP12 students in our (Kelly, Erin, and Ryan) classes and have them choose their themes.
  • September-October- Designate Fridays as “ePortfolio days” during which CP12 students will design their sites, and  upload and reflect on past English assignments. This takes the place of independent reading time, so no extra time in the curriculum is needed.  
  • October Meeting- Check in and provide exemplars/samples of student work.
  • November- Initiate weekly or monthly blog post requirements in designated CP12 classes pertaining to current events. This takes the place of our current event unit, so no extra time in the curriculum is needed.
  • January-June- Initiate student blog post requirements about their learning outside of the English classroom. We can have them do a required weekly or bi-weekly post and a minimum of 2-4 comments on others’ posts.
  • May-June- Designate Fridays as “ePortfolio organization days” during which students will work towards final organizational tasks in their ePortfolios. They will adjust its design to work for them post high school.
  • January Professional Development (Wednesday meeting)- Meet with department heads to ask them to help generate interest.
  • May Professional Development (Wednesday meeting)- Open session for interested teachers from different departments (at least 2 from each core subject).
  • Summer 2017- Continue ePortfolio development with all interested teachers for 17-18 FLEX hours.

2017-2018 School Year

  • Begin professional development implementation plan
  • Each professional development month will include a specific task with deliverables
  • Two members from each department will be the lead teachers who will bring ideas back to their departments during department meetings
  • By the end of the school year, all departments will have at least two teachers who are consistently implementing ePortfolios into their curriculum.

2018-2019 School Year

  • Required professional learning sessions in August during in-service for all teachers to learn about ePortfolios.
    • This session or sessions will include a presentation of our original “why” video, ourprezi presentation of research, and we will email out a link to our complete firstand second literature reviews so that teachers will understand our why behind this innovation plan.
  • Lead teachers from previous year’s development will run these sessions and will model similar or the same activities as our sessions.
  • Experts (Kelly, Erin, Ryan) will be floaters, each assigned to two departments to attend meetings and help with questions and implementation plans.
  • Each professional development meeting this year (every month) will be departmental and will focus on the implementation of ePortfolio in each classroom.
  • Administrator support is crucial during this time period.
  • Administrators will announce minimum implementation requirements by mid-year and will follow up with each teacher through department chairs and lead teachers.
  • By the end of the year, all teachers will be consistently integrating learning ePortfolios into their curriculum.

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