5318 Week One Outline

This week Kelly, Ryan, and I split our year-long professional learning sessions into 3 different sections. These sections are now going to be separate, 10-week online courses; Kelly will be creating sessions 1-3, I will be creating 4-6, and Ryan will be creating 7-9. We have also added subsections to 6 of these so that each online course has 5, 2-week sessions. It will look something like this:

Session 1- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 1a- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 2- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 2a- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 3- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 4- Erin 2 weeks
Session 4a- Erin 2 weeks
Session 5- Erin 2 weeks
Session 5a- Erin 2 weeks
Session 6- Erin 2 weeks
Session 7- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 7a- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 8- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 8a- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 9- Ryan 2 weeks

The course will be in Schoology. 

Introduction: Sessions 4, 4a, 5, 5a, and 6 will provide introductory material to implementing their own ePortfolios in their classrooms as well as how to get their students set up with them. They will also begin to create content and materials for implementation in their classrooms.  

Overarching course goal:

Teachers will create and utilize learning ePortfolios in their individual classrooms while collaborating and troubleshooting with their colleagues to improve the quality of classroom instruction, student engagement, and authentic student learning.

Desired results: By the end of this section of the course, teachers will know how to use ePortfolios for their own content as well as how to train students in ePortoflio use. By the end of the entire course, teachers will be integrating 21st century learning skills into their classrooms through the consistent use of learning ePortfolios.

Audience: The audience for the first round of this course is the volunteer lead teachers who will become the experts for each of the existing departments. For the second round, the following year, the teachers in the building across all departments will be the audience.

Materials: Laptops, access to GoogleDrive, links to videos, Schoology.

Outline/3 Column Table


Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities
Session 4

Teachers will learn how to troubleshoot when it comes to implementing the ePortfolios.

Teachers will participate in a discussion  and will post exemplar content for the other lead teachers to process, comment on, and provide feedback to.
Teachers will watch the TedX video: Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Teachers will make and document necessary adjustments following the troubleshooting process. These notes will be shared through a group discussion.
Teachers will also participate in a discussion post about the video.
Session 4a

Teachers will correct the issues presented in the previous sessions so they are better equipped for training students.

Teachers will bring their feedback in regards to strengths/weaknesses and pros/cons of implementing ePortfolios and will collaborate with the group on their experiences to troubleshoot and improve. Teachers will turn in and/or share an example post as well as a way their exemplar content is connected to their curriculum and the core standards.
Session 5

Teachers will learn how to instruct their students on creating ePortfolios and learn how to create an assignment for a blog post.

Teachers will review how they set up their own ePortfolios and collaborate with the group on how to customize a blog post assignment for their own classrooms. Teachers will have their students create ePortfolios and also have them create blog posts.
Session 5a

Teachers will have students create content that is different than just a reflective blog post.  

Teachers will post and share student ePortfolios and student-created content to receive feedback.

Teachers will watch the video: A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas.

Teachers will participate in a discussion to process and provide feedback for the student-centered and created content.
Session 6

Teachers will discuss and create at least one student-centered and classroom-relevant application.

Teachers will troubleshoot last month’s issues. Teachers will also discuss and create examples for student-centered uses of ePortfolios.
Teachers will watch a video called: Build a School in a Cloud by Sugata Mitra.
Teachers will add to session 4’s Discussion to add ideas and content, as well as notes about concerns and needed areas of improvement.

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