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Detailed Outline of Online Course

Welcome to the Practice and

Application of ePortfolios!

Welcome to the second phase of the district’s ePortoflio roll-out through  professional learning. In the next five sessions, you are going to take what you learned from the previous course, Introduction to ePortfolios, and begin to practice using them yourselves AND having students create and use them. Throughout this course, you will be provided with the opportunity to practice uploading blog posts and content to your own ePortoflios. You will be given sample ePortfolios as models, but you will be given the freedom to build yours however fits you and your discipline the best. You will also learn how to facilitate the introduction of the ePortfolios to your students, from initial set-up all the way to students creating their own content as well.

Overarching Course Goals:

Teachers will practice building their own learning ePortfolios and apply them to their individual classrooms while collaborating with their colleagues while understanding that the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of classroom instruction, student engagement, and authentic student learning.

Teachers will apply what they’ve learned through their ePortfolios and will facilitate student-created ePortfolios and ePortfolio content.

Desired Results

By the end of this course, teachers will have a strong foundation of practice and application of learning ePortfolios. They will be able to begin consistent implementation of their integration of their curriculum.


The audience for this course is the lead teachers who have volunteered for this position. There will be 2 selected from each content area (12-15 total), and they will then return to their departments after completing the 3 learning ePortfolio courses to assist other department members in their first year of implementation.

 Session 1(December)

Objective: Teachers will learn how to troubleshoot when it comes to implementing the ePortfolios.

Today’s inspiration:

Together we will watch Do Schools Kill Creativity? and discuss how we already promote creativity in our classrooms and in what areas we need to improve this. We will also talk about how ePortfolios can help us individualize in those areas.

Video  Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity

Learning activities- Discussion

  • After watching the video by Ken Robinson, participate in a discussion with your peers. The discussion should focus on some imperative components from his video. He asks questions about why schools are so similar today than how they were years and years ago. What is your reaction to that? He also discusses how we need to change our programs to better match the current world’s technology and innovation needs. Do you agree or disagree? Finally, connect his ideas to what we are attempting to do with our learning ePortfolios. How can we make our learning ePortfolios relevant to expanding, rather that thwarting, our students’ creativity?

Deliverable for next session: 

During the next two weeks, trouble shoot areas that you are having difficulty with your ePortfolio. Create a list of questions you have that you will need assistance with during the next session. You will use that list in session 4a’s discussion, so don’t lose it! 

Take Away and Bring Back: 

After today’s session you should have some new ideas on how to improve the use of your own ePortfolios. For the next session meeting, continue utilizing them and documenting any successes or issues. Also begin thinking about how you would like your students to use theirs. What could they blog about? What would you like them to include for your classroom?

Resources Needed

  • Laptops
  • Internet access
  • WordPress
  • Schoology access

Session 2 (December) 

Objective: Teachers will learn how to troubleshoot when it comes to implementing the ePortfolios. Now we’re going to shift focus from your personal ePortfolio, to student ePortfolios. Using a similar setup sheet that you used when you created your own ePortfolios, you are going to work with each other to come up with a blog post for students to create once they’ve created their ePortfolios.

Learning Activity- Discussion

Write out your list of questions and concerns, and all areas you need to troubleshoot, here. Then, respond to at least two other teachers to see if you can address THEIR needs. One teacher should be from your own discipline, and one should be from a different discipline. Check your discussion post by the time you attend Session 5 to see if all of your concerns have been addressed. If they haven’t, you can email them to Kelly Trupe, Ryan King, or Erin Sanchez who will be able to further help you directly. 

Deliverable for next session:

You will share an example post (a link to this post is fine) from your own learning ePortoflio. Include, underneath the link, a discussion about how this post or example content connects to both creativity and core curriculum. 

Be sure to respond to at least two other teachers’ posts with constructive feedback regarding their content. 

Resources Needed

  • Laptops
  • Internet access
  • WordPress
  • Schoology access

Session 3 (January)


Teachers will learn how to teach their students to use WordPress to create, design, organize, and customize ePortfolios and also create instructions for their students to write their first blog post.

Learning Activity: 

  • Review of the step by step instructions that students will need to follow to create, WordPress ePortfolio websites
  • Collaboration regarding the first blog post assignment and what it will entail and how it will be assessed

Today’s Session Deliverable: 

By the end of this session, you will have a plan in place for how and when your students will create their ePortfolios as well as an assignment for their first blog post.

Take away with you and bring back: 

Throughout the course of the next month, students should create their ePortfolios and their first blog post. Also, students should be encouraged to customize and  add additional content to their ePortfolios, similarly to what you did when you created your own ePortfolio.

Resources Needed:

Session 4 ( January)

Today’s Inspiration:

Together we will watch A New Culture of Learning and discuss the use of play within our classrooms. This session we will be encouraging you to give your students time to play around with their newly developing ePortfolios.


Watch, “A New Culture of Learning” by Douglas Thomas. In it, he discusses some ideas about how students have learned in the past, how they learn now, and how they will learn in the future. He argues that we need to implement a new culture of learning within our schools. While watching, think about how you can utilize his philosophies when creating ideas for content for your students. Imagine a world where students are creating content, not you, and where they are deciding how and what to learn instead of you. 

Video Link: http://ed.ted.com/on/KujaTlnU

Learning Activity- Discussion:

Write a brief reflection (2-3 paragraphs or detailed bulleted sections on an outline) about the video you just watched. Start to brainstorm ways in which you can have your students create content in their ePortoflios. How can they make some decisions about what they learn and how they prove that they have mastered that content? What does creating content really mean? Prepare these ideas for a collaborative discussion in which you will present your ideas. 

Deliverable for next session:

After you have brainstormed ideas, create an assignment that explains to them they will be creating content over the next week. You get to decide how much this assignment is worth, and partially what overarching topic it covers, but ideally, you want the students to do the teaching and learning here. Post your assignment here, and check back for constructive feedback from your colleagues. Be sure to respond to at least two other colleagues about their assignment posts. 

Resources Needed:

  • Laptops
  • Internet access
  • WordPress
  • Schoology access

Session 5 (February)


Welcome! Last session, you learned how to have students create WordPress ePortfolios (or add to the ones already created in their English classrooms). Over the past month, your role was to have the students create their first blog post. Today, you are going to finalize one relevant activity or lesson that the students will participate in for your specific classroom content. This is different than your session three brainstorm, which was more teacher-centered. This month, we want you to explore how to give your students some freedom and to allow them to start reflecting on their learning and using the ePortfolios for their own learning. This is different because instead of you posting content on your ePOrtfolio for them to find, they will start creating their own content. Your role today is to start realizing what kinds of content they can create relevant to your particular class. Keep in mind, much of this will just be exemplar; they will eventually be the ones creating and starting content from scratch


Today’s Inspiration:

This week’s video, Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud, reminds us about the power of curiosity and play. After watching this, we will discuss how our students have already taken initiative with their ePortfolios and what they have discovered so far.

Video Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/sugata_mitra_build_a_school_in_the_cloud


Teachers will discuss and create at least one student-centered and classroom-relevant application.be exemplar work, because the students will need space for individuality and creativity.

Learning Activities:

  1. Choose one department partner AND one non-department person to start coming up with new content ideas for your students. Write these in the discussion post. Example: English: Students can create a digital poster on character analysis instead of a construction paper poster.

Example: Social Studies: Students can create current event blog posts and comment on each others’ reactions to the news stories.

  1. Read ALL classmates’ posts for this discussion and comment with feedback on at least five teachers’ content ideas.

Today’s Session Deliverable: 

– Have at least 5 student-created content ideas through your discussion and through reading every one else’s

Resources Needed:    Laptops/The Internet/WordPress


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