Turning courses into online learning

There are two courses I am currently turning into hybrid courses, so this question applies directly to my current life! I have been asked to teach honors ninth grade English AND college preparatory ninth grade English in this hybrid setting. I am really excited about it, but I am also very nervous. The curriculum is such that students will have to have an extreme amount of autonomy and strong intrinsic desire to learn because much of what we do is based off of their reading of classic texts, such as Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Flies, and A Tale of Two Cities. I don’t even know how to begin having them read Shakespeare on their own, as I believe it is meant to be acted out in front of an audience! But there just won’t be time to act it out in the TWO days per week that we meet. I also don’t know how to differentiate the courses– one needs to be quicker paced and have more writing assignments, but we will all be meeting on the same two days during the exact same period, so I am really struggling with that concept as well. I think I will have to do something kind of like learning stations when they are actually in class. As for the online portion, I don’t think it will be SO difficult. Most of my materials are on my D2L section for students to access online anyway, so as long as I make drop boxes and online discussion forums, I will be covered. I will also want to enhance the online learning environment with videos that I find to supplement our curriculum AND videos that I make myself, because I feel as though they would really benefit from a teacher’s explanation, ESPECIALLY of assignments. I always needed to hear my teachers EXPLAIN assignments, so I think each one of mine will at the very least have an audio version of me explaining and highlighting the key components of them.


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