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A Hero’s Journey

Welcome to my hero’s journey! I first learned about what a hero’s journey was in some literature class in college. As an English teacher, I have studied a variety of hero’s journeys and have even taught the idea to many students. I have encouraged students to write their own fictional hero’s journeys, and I have… Continue reading A Hero’s Journey

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Innovation Plan Update and Reflection

As Kelly, Ryan, and I are implementing and developing our learning ePortfolio initiative at Owen J. Roberts High School, we continue to visit and revisit every step of the way. For example, our original plan basically just had to do with classrooms adopting ePortfolios. However, we realized we needed to have a real training program… Continue reading Innovation Plan Update and Reflection

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COVA- The Path to the Educational Revolution

COVA (Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authenticity) is a learning and teaching approach with which I was not familiar before starting my digital leading and learning journey. I’d like to believe that as a veteran teacher, I offer my students these options and routes in my classroom, but I cannot say I always do and all… Continue reading COVA- The Path to the Educational Revolution

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Detailed Outline of Online Course

Welcome to the Practice and Application of ePortfolios! Welcome to the second phase of the district’s ePortoflio roll-out through  professional learning. In the next five sessions, you are going to take what you learned from the previous course, Introduction to ePortfolios, and begin to practice using them yourselves AND having students create and use them.… Continue reading Detailed Outline of Online Course

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Professional Learning at OJRHS

Welcome, educational pioneers! You are here because you have decided that you want to try something new, improve your own teaching and learning, and improve the quality of learning for our students. Over the past year and a half, we have been working in a digital leading and learning program. Our main focus has been… Continue reading Professional Learning at OJRHS