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The first learning community I am a member of is Pinterest. I use it for all aspects of my life, but for school and learning, I use the search terms “High school English” and I find really fascinating ideas there. The link for that search is here.

What I like most about using Pinterest for school is the variety of ideas that are present, and the ability to search for anything specifically. For example, if I just wanted to browse aimlessly, I can use my original search term. However, I might want to look up ideas on Romeo and Juliet lessons, so I could include that in my search bar, and it would bring me to hundreds if not thousands of places that could help me. Here is the example. Pinterest is the perfect place to go for inspiration. I can use various “boards” where I “pin” all of my ideas so I can return to those ideas later. This way, I never forget what I wanted to use. I can have a public board as well where I can post my own ideas and lessons so I can become a contributor in addition to being a consumer! It is important in the digital world to collaborate and work together, which means contributing as well.

tch-logo-promo-still1.jpg   The second learning community I joined was TcH, or In this community, there are many different areas that teachers will find useful.

The first section is the video section. In this section, teachers and students can upload videos to help other teachers with various lesson plans and topics. You can search for specific learning areas, lesson plans, etc.

The second section is the teachers section. This is where you can learn all about the teachers who are members of the learning network, so you can put a face to all of the wonderful work you share and collaborate on.

The third section is the Q & A section. This is where you can post and answer any question you might have about a lesson, a topic, anything!

The final section is the blog section called Tchers’ Voice. Here, contributing educators post blogs about relevant, contemporary topics.



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